Global Movement Network specializes in redirecting troubled youth by providing positive alternatives for youth looking to escape the gang life or youth looking to “get out the way” of the gun violence that is plaguing our city.

Communities in crisis face seemingly huge obstacles and generally require high levels of support and organizing around what it means to own their neighborhood, and reclaim their youth and GMN works with the community, as well as community organizers to help them focus their efforts around the needs of the marginalized and not simply the needs of the majority.

We will be offering classes around building business plans, exploring clothing design, as well as vehicle restoration, just to name a few. All of the classes that we offer will not only be free to the youth and families that we serve, but they will be used to provide life lessons, beyond the actual skill taught on how to manage time, resources, work with others as well as disagree with other and how having vision beyond what you see helps you see a future for yourself that may not look like what you see in front of you.

It our sincere desire that you consider partnering with us as we work to transform our community and our city.

Jerry L. Manns Sr.